Sign Trays

Sign Trays


If you are looking for a sign which isn’t flat panel but doesn’t break the budget, a tray sign would be ideal. These signs are made from either 3mm Aluminium composite or 2mm Solid Aluminium. The material itself is available in a range of RAL colours, please let us know what you need this matched to when ordering. Tray signs are made from Dibond sheets, folded at each end and angles are then added for extra support. The distance from the wall to the front face of the tray can either be 30mm, 50mm, 75mm or 100mm.

Extra options available for these signs are: Fret cut lettering, Built up lettering, Lighting inside the box itself (Great for hiding those pesky wires!). Trough lights can be added above the tray sign to light up your branding at night.

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