Poster Frames

Poster Frames


Display a variety of different posters with our snap poster frames. Easy to use and improves the life of your posters. Easily secured to most surfaces. Our prices are based on 25mm profile corners however if you desire a different thickness please let us know. Many colours available.

Available in either A4, A3, A2, A1.

Posters not included in the pricing below. All prices are EX VAT.

Delivery included.

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Black, Silver or White Frames (25mm Profile Mitred Corners)

A4 = £16.00 A3 = £17.30 A2 = £19.50 A1 = £23.50

Colour Frames: Ultramarine Blue, Traffic Red, Sapphire Blue, Moss Green, Burgundy Red (25mm Profile Mitred Corners)

A4 = £34.05 A3 = £37.50 A2 = £43.00 A1 = £50.55



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