Neon Posters

Neon Posters


Want your event to really stand out? Try our neon posters! Printed onto our 80grams posters in a variety of different colours; Green, Pink, Yellow, Red or Orange.

Our Neon Posters are becoming more and more popular with promoting events!

Only black can be printed onto these posters to one side.

Sizes available are: A3, A2

You could either supply your own print ready design using the template below on this page or have us design this for you for £25.00. This is a one off charge.

We have a range of different lead times available, please see our pricing tables below: (Please note that all of our prices are EX VAT and the lead time days are working days)

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A3 Posters A2 Posters
Quantity 10 - 12 Days Quantity 10 - 12 Days
50 53.46 50 79.17
100 54.40 100 79.95
250 64.27 250 98.77
400 74.14 400 117.58
500 75.71 500 128.56



If you would like to order posters or discuss a possible design with our team please contact us by clicking the button below.

If you would like to design your very own poster then please download one of the templates below. All files must be supplied print ready. If you are unsure what this means then please check our artwork guide.