Ernest Falzon

I founded Branditright in 2003 (Previously named 1st Class Signs).  I worked from home in the garden unit, working hard until I was able to afford to move out into a proper commercial unit. We have since moved into a bigger unit in Horndean and rebranded. I am very passionate about my business and always strive to improve it further. 

Hobbies: I love to take my little springer spaniel Pip on walks. Apart from this I enjoy computer games and am currently working on a scooter, hoping to have this working for the summer!


Jeanette Falzon

I joined my husband Ernest later on after he had set-up the business from home. I enjoy embroidery so this is my main job however I often assist with various other production jobs. 

Hobbies: I like to get out into the garden when I can, I also have a fish pond that I look after outside as well as a fish tank inside. My dog Pip keeps me busy as she is a demanding little madam! 


Larissa Falzon

I joined Branditright in 2009. I was happy to work for our family business and thoroughly enjoyed it. Working with so many different types of people and businesses has built my confidence and I really love seeing such people or businesses prosper! We help them any way we can to improve by ensuring their branding is on point.

Hobbies: I enjoy graphic design and gaming much like my other family members. I also love to bake and obviously enjoy eating what I bake! (Whether this goes wrong or not!) Lastly it is my dream to one day own a corgi so if anybody has one give me a shout!

Natacha Falzon

I joined Branditright in 2016. I wanted to work with my family and improve the business further with what I had to offer. I have really enjoyed working with so many different types of people and businesses and love seeing them improve over time.

Hobbies: I am a film enthusiast and enjoy gaming. Apart from this I also love going out and meeting my friends wherever this may be. Lastly I enjoy a good snuggle with our springer spaniel Pip :)



Pippin Falzon

Sometimes Pippin pops in for support and likes to give our customers a very loud hello!

Hobbies: Chasing her ball and small animals, sleeping.