PVC Banners

Big event or promotion coming up? Try one of our banners! Printed a custom size with full colour print on PVC Banner material. Our banners will have a big impact on your audience!

Thicknesses available: 440gsm (As standard)


Mesh Banners

The mesh banner is printed onto a material that is 25% open, to allow air to pass through, creating less stress on the banner itself. The mesh also allows a certain amount of light through, so that when used on buildings, windows are not left completely darkened.

Mesh is lighter than standard banner material, which means it could be more suited where weight is an issue, such as installation or the protection of the surface it is being fixed to…


Banners (With Pole Pockets)

Maximise your workspace by adding pole pockets to your banners. Hang them from scaffold poles and various other pole like objects! These banners can be printed both sides and on blockout material to ensure the print does not show through on the reverse side.

Please specify the pole width when enquiring about this product.


banner finishes.jpg

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